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Official Classics spawned from the minds of two young enthusiastic graphic designers Mark Zador and Attila Horvath.

They are both unlimited lovers of typography and geometry, forms and colours, computers and game consoles, graffiti and stickers, magazines and blogs, work and rest, music and silence, winters and summers the list goes on…

Several years have passed by since they first got a pen and paper, mouse and started bringing their visions to life. In the past few years they have been employed by various agencies , with the help of them they had the pleasure of working for major brands and hungarian enterprises alike.

Now they are pleased to present you OFCL 2.0 shop. Have a good time here!

Official Classic Ltd.

Tax number /14534779-2-42

Trade register number /01-09-908276

Offline location

1148 / Budapest / Hungary

Adria setany, 5/A

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