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Xmas is coming so we decided to give away 25 vectors for FREE!
All you have to do is to register on our website, add this FREE pack to your cart, complete the check out process and download the vectors.
This vector set is a downloadable .ZIP file containing 25 EPS files. Each vector file contains both object and path versions of the illustration so eventually you will get 50 illustrations in 25 EPS files in case of buying the full pack. All Official Classic vector can be opened and edited by almost any graphic program on any platform.
After a completed order all files will be accessible for unlimited downloads in My Account / User profile section. A corresponding invoice will be sent for each order via email. For multi user licenses for companies, agencies and publishing houses please contact info@officialclassic.com for a custom quote.

AIR0006 ($1.90)

AIR0020 ($1.90)

AUD0003 ($1.90)

AUD0037 ($1.90)

CON0011 ($1.90)

GEO0114 ($0.90)

HEL0006 ($0.90)

HEL0016 ($0.90)

PLA0021 ($0.90)

PLA0024 ($0.90)

ROB0030 ($2.90)

SPO0004 ($1.90)

SPO0006 ($1.90)

SPO0014 ($0.90)

TRA0014 ($2.90)

VEH0008 ($1.90)

VEH0035 ($1.90)

VEH0046 ($1.90)

VEH0050 ($1.90)

WAT0017 ($0.90)

WAT0018 ($0.90)

WEA0018 ($0.90)

WEA0037 ($1.90)

WEA0043 ($0.90)

ZIP0025 ($0.90)

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